Demissão automática

Quer pedir demissão e não tem coragem? Ou lhe faltam palavras? Seus problemas acabaram! O site Quit My Job Email faz tudo para você na pior hora da sua vida! É só preencher seu nome, nome do padrão, empresa e escolher as desculpas mais esfarrapadas e engraçadas. Confira o exemplo!

“Dear Mister Trump,

I’m writing you this email because I think my time working at Trump International Group come to an end. The income I earn from Trump International Group is not satisfactory for me. An employee of my skill level should be appreciated. And by “appreciated,” I mean quit being so cheap and start forking over the cash, buddy! Watching paint dry at work certainly livens up the day for me, but my colleagues are so boring they actually cancel out the excitement I would otherwise get from watching the paint dry.

You sure have some kind of crazy genetic thing going on: your shoulders are so sloped that any blame slides right off you.

You know what the difference is between sexist women like you and a good handgun? At least I can buy a silencer for the handgun! I also want you to know that you are a horrible boss and it is clear that you are made of pure evil.

Fuck off for ever,
Criativo de Galochas

P.S. Although I’m leaving this job, maybe you and I can meet up for drinks tonight and see who’s the boss under the sheets.”

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